forward thinking.circular movement

Established in 2017, Valérius 360 project aims to implement a circular fashion model.

By developing then implementing the best practices and processes to guarantee that every reusable jersey fabric that’s produced, resulting either from our customers’ textile waste or from our own manufacturing facilities, may return to our recycling unit and get the chance to gain a new life – currently only as “reborn” jersey fabric, but soon also as cotton paper.

By always committing to the Planet, our Clients and Fashion Consumers, Valérius 360 working values and resulting products correspond to the most logical next step for the Industry we’re in: a tangible focus in closing the loop, resulting in the most efficient use of resources and consequent less damage to the environment.

clothes are a crucial part of our lives but they too have a journey of their own.
each fabric has a life that we try to end much too soon.

our mission 
is to

Restore and regenerate through recycling cutting waste, overproduction outcome and unsold stocks, originated from partner brands and from internal manufacturing units, and then producing sustainable yarns, jersey fabrics, garments of the highest standard quality.

our vision
stands on

Effective production design and flow of materials optimization. We strive for a production process that not only results in an environmentally friendly product but that also is ecological from start to finish, saving up on the use of natural resources for continuous benefit of the current and future generations.

our values can be summed up to

Transformation & adaptability
Environment awereness

commitments & milestones


Better use of Materials and Resources // 100% of our group and partners cutting waste is treated at our unit, promoting Circularity by Design

Strong Ecological Network // We are honoured to work with brands that are highly recognized world-wide for their Eco-Friendly Practices

Development Targets Assessment // We implemented LCA tools to measure our footprint as we aim to reduce our carbon emissions to 0 by 2030

Achieve Full Transparency // We are implementing pioneering tools to make our business more transparent by tracking key raw materials and verify if best practices are adopted across our supply chain

Key Academic Partners // We partner with World-Leading Universities to promote projects on sustainability